Ambassador Sun Gongyi Meets with Regional Director from Hong Kong Trade Development Council

On November 19, 2019, Ambassador Sun Gongyi met with Lin Guojun, regional director for Africa from Hong Kong Trade Development Council at the Chinese Embassy. The two sides exchanged views on issues such as strengthening economic and business cooperation between Hong Kong and Mauritius under the framework of "Belt and Road" initiative. Ambassador Sun was accompanied by Commercial Counsellor Hu Ming for this meeting.

Ambassador Sun introduced the basic situation of Mauritius and the current status of China-Mauritius relations, saying that Mauritius boasts stable political situation and economic growth for a long time, especially its relatively developed financial industry. The Mauritian government hopes to make Mauritius a financial center connecting Asia and Africa. As one of the international financial centers, Hong Kong's development experience is of significance to Mauritius. He hopes that Hong Kong Trade Development Council strengthens exchanges and cooperation with relevant fields and departments in Mauritius. The Chinese Embassy is willing to provide the necessary assistance for this.

Lin Guojun introduced the recent development of Hong Kong Trade Development Council, saying that this visit will strengthen the economic and trade links between Hong Kong and Mauritian enterprises by visiting relevant government departments and industry organizations in Mauritius. He will invite Mauritian representatives to attend the "Belt and Road" Summit Forum and Asian Finance Forum organized by Hong Kong Trade Development Council.

On November 20, Ambassador Sun Gongyi was invited to attend "Mauritius-Hong Kong Business Forum" jointly organized by Hong Kong Trade Development Council and Mauritian Economic Development Board. Mr.François Guibert, President of the Mauritian Economic Development Board Gilbert, Mr. Mr. Barlen Pillay, head of the Mauritian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the representatives of Mauritian enterprises attended the event.

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