Ambassador Sun Gongyi Attends Event Commemorating International Day of Disabled Persons

On December 3, 2019, Ambassador Sun Gongyi attended the event commemorating International Day of Disabled Persons jointly organized by the Chinese Embassy and GRF as well as the donation ceremony of the Chinese Embassy to GRF. Present at the event were Minister of Arts and Cultural Heritage Mr. Teeluck, Chairman of GRF Mr. Parsuramen, Member of Parliment Mr. Ganga Prasad, and representatives of people with disabilities from all walks of life in Mauritius.

Before the ceremony, accompanied by Parsuramen, Ambassador Sun and other Chinese diplomats visited GRF which was founded by Mr. Parsuramen in 2011 and mainly provided assistance to people with disabilities in Mauritius. Currently with 3 branches across Mauritius, it is one of the most influential non-profit organizations in Mauritius. The Foundation Rehabilitation Center is fully equipped with medical vehicles that provide door-to-door services for the disabled and a studio for the production of auxiliary equipment for those in need. GRF also provides suitable jobs for persons with disabilities. The technicians responsible for the production of auxiliary devices are people with disabilities who benefit from GRF.

At 10 in the morning, the event officially started with the national anthems of China and Mauritius being played on site. Chairman of GRF Mr. Parsuramen briefed the guests on the development history and main work of GRF since its establishment, focusing on the cooperation between GRF and China. Mr. Parsuramen admired the achievements made by China in the cause of the disabled. He has visited China many times to learn from China's advanced experience and introduced China's fine quality and reasonable priced equipment, which have greatly promoted the development of GRF. Parsuramen was very proud to recall that China once had sent blind masseurs to Mauritius for a training program, some trainees have now become technicians to alleviate the pain for ordinary Mauritian people. Parsuramen added that it was also the first time for GRF to hold such a meaningful and commemorative event with the Chinese Embassy on the special occasion of International Day of Disabled Persons. Parsuramen highy appreciated the donation from the Chinese Embassy, saying that this would not only inject momentum into the development of GRF, but also promote the development of the cause of the disabled in Mauritius. Parsuramen finally concluded emotionally in Chinese: "Long live Mauritius-China friendship!"

In his speech, Minister Teeluck lauded the friendly relations between Mauritius and China, pointing out that both countries are committed to promoting the development of the cause of the disabled. He expressed his gratitude towards the Chinese government and the Chinese Embassy for their help to the disabled group in Mauritius. The donation reflects the friendship between the Chinese people and the Mauritian people. The donated materials and fund will help the disabled people to further integrate into the society. All circles of Mauritian society are willing to communicate and cooperate closely with the Chinese Embassy to jointly contribute to the improvement of friendship between China and Mauritius.

Ambassador Sun highly commended the assistance provided by GRF to the disabled group of Mauritian society, saying that the Chinese government attaches great importance to the development of the undertakings of disabled people and the protection of their rights and interests by actively promoting the development of the international cause of disabled people. As an active advocate and participant of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, China actively carries out cooperation in the field of disabled persons under the framework of Belt and Road Initiative. On the occasion of International Day of Disabled Persons, the Chinese Embassy made a donation to GRF, hoping to do its utmost to the disabled. The Chinese Embassy is willing to continue to work with the Mauritian government and all sectors of the Mauritian society in the future in related fields.

Afterwards, Ambassador Sun submitted a donation certificate to GRF on behalf of the Chinese Embassy, and presented wheelchairs, crutches and other items to the representatives of the disabled persons at the scene. The beneficiaries were so happy that they expressed their gratitude to the Chinese Embassy.

The atmosphere was warm and friendly. Volunteers from the Chinese Community performed Chinese dance, Tai Chi and other programs with Chinese cultural characteristics during the ceremony. Two blind singers from Mauritius played guitar for the audience, which won much applause. After the ceremony, the Chinese Embassy together with the staff members of GRF also organized fun games and handed out gifts to disabled children present.

The local mainstream media such as MBC interviewed and reported the event.

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