Ambassador Sun Gongyi Meets with Education Delegation of Hubei Province

On December 4, 2019, Ambassador Sun Gongyi met at the Embassy with a delegation led by Tao Hong, Director of the Education Department of Hubei Province, who was visiting Mauritius. Cultural Counsellor Song Yanqun was present.


Ambassador Sun Gongyi introduced the basic situation of the education system in Mauritius, and expressed support for exchanges between the education delegation of Hubei province with Mauritian universities and institutions of Tertiary education, as well as active implementation of the cooperation memorandum signed by the two sides, thus making positive contributions to the cooperation and development of the education sector between China and Mauritius.

Tao Hong briefed Ambassador Sun on the reform and development of education in Hubei Province as well as the educational exchanges with Africa. He said that the purpose and task of the delegation's visit to Mauritius was to strengthen cooperation with Mauritian education department through exchanges.

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