The Chinese Embassy Holds Annual Summary and Commendation for Consular assistance Volunteers

On December 4, 2019, the Chinese Embassy in Mauritius held Annual Summary and Commendation for Consular assistance Volunteers, summarizing the consular protection work of the Chinese Embassy in 2019 while commending outstanding consul assistance volunteers and appointing new consul assistance volunteers. Ambassador Sun Gongyi, Deputy Commissioner of Police Jhugroo, main police officers from Beau Bassin, and representatives of consular assistance volunteers attended the meeting.                                                  

In his speech, Ambassador Sun Gongyi underscored that it is an important task for the Chinese government, embassies and consulates abroad to safeguard the security as well as the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens and institutions overseas. Over the past year, the Chinese Embassy has achieved a lot in consular protection with the support of Mauritian police force, tourism sector, health department and consular assistance volunteers. The Chinese Embassy will continue to improve and develop the working mechanism of consular protection to ensure the sense of security of Chinese citizens in Mauritius. He hoped that consular assistance volunteers will continue to learn relevant regulations and policies, give full play to their advantages and strengths, and help the Chinese Embassy do better in consular protection.

The director of the consular section of the Chinese Embassy summarized the consular protection work throughout the year. Through graphic presentations, the preventive work for consular protection and handling of incidents concerning consular protection was introduced in detail, with different types, quantity, data and characteristics being analyzed and the rules of common and frequently-occurring incidents about consular protection being summarized. Through analysis of typical cases, consular assistance volunteers have acquired working experience.

Lu Xing, one of the consular assistance volunteers, shared his experience in assisting the handling of incidents concerning consular protection. He said that he had studied in China and was full of affection for China. He was very happy to use his medical knowledge to help Chinese friends in need. As a consular assistance volunteer, he thought it was a very meaningful thing to be able to achieve peace and happiness for each family through his own efforts, while assisting the Chinese Embassy to do the consular protection work through practicing and improving himself.

Ambassador Sun Gongyi awarded two outstanding consular assistance volunteers with certificates of commendation and issued letters of appointment to the new volunteers at the meeting.

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