The Chinese Embassy Holds Mauritian Staff End of Year Gala

On December 27, the Chinese Embassy held a Mauritian Staff End of Year Gala, more than 50 Mauritian employees of the Embassy and their families attended.

Before the gala, Ambassador Sun Gongyi shook hands with the employees one by one, thanking everyone for their hard work in 2019, sending New Year's blessings and greetings.

In his speech, Counsellor Gong Yufeng said that foreign employees have long been a part of the Chinese Embassy, getting along well with each other and work diligently. In the past year, with the new development of Sino-Mauritian relations, progress has been made in all aspects of the Embassy's work, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the foreign employees. In the new year, the Chinese Embassy will do as always to protect and ensure the rights and interests of its local employees. He hoped that every employee will unite and help each other, and work with greater enthusiasm to make bigger contributions to the work of the Embassy.    

Afterwards, the representatives of the Mauritian staff delivered a speech, saying that they established deep friendship with the Chinese colleagues in the Embassy during working, they see the Embassy as their own home, and take good care of everything here. In the new year, they will work even harder and fulfill their respective obligations to contribute to the development of the Embassy.

At the interactive part of the game in gala, the Mauritian employees and their families actively participated and enjoyed themselves in a warm and joyful atmosphere.


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