Ambassador Sun Gongyi Meets with Minister of Health and Wellness of Mauritius

On October 24, 2020, Ambassador Sun Gongyi met with Hon. Kailesh Kumar Singh Jagutpal, Minister of Health and Wellness of Mauritius. The two sides exchanged views on the two countries' fight against Covid-19 pandemic as well as strengthening cooperation in the medical and health field.

Ambassador Sun Gongyi underscored that China and Mauritius have adopted comprehensive and rigorous prevention and control measures during the pandemic period, effectively controlling the spread of the virus and restoring economic activities and people's lives gradually. China is willing to work with the Mauritian side to continue intensifying exchanges in the health field, jointly implement the results of the Extraordinary China-Africa Summit on Solidarity Against COVID-19, and enhance the cooperation between pairing hospitals in China and Mauritius so as to bring more benefits to the two peoples.

For his part, Minister Jagutpal said that he is very delighted to see that China's economy is rapidly regaining its vitality. China's anti-pandemic work has set an example for other countries in the world. Mauritius has learned many effective measures from China's useful practices. He expressed gratitude towards China for its long-term assistance and support to Mauritius's medical and health services, looking forward to further strengthening practical cooperation with China in this field.

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