Ambassador Sun Gongyi Attends the Exchange Activity Between the Chinese Embassy and the Mauritian Civil Organizations

On October 24, 2020, the Chinese Embassy and the Mauritian civil associations as well as NGOs jointly organized an exchange activity at the Islamic Cultural Center. Chinese Ambassador Sun Gongyi, Sir Anerood Jugnauth, Former Mauritian Prime Minister, Mr. Dawood Auleear, President of the ALIF Society and representatives of Mauritian civil organizations in various fields and ethnic groups attended the event.

In his address, Ambassador Sun Gongyi underscored that the sudden outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented impact to the global economy and human life. During this difficult period, the Mauritian civil organizations took active actions to help the disadvantaged people by organizing a variety of activities such as banquets, lectures, football matches, etc., which has helped many people regain their confidence and hope in life. Many NGOs have played an unalienable role in maintaining social stability in Mauritius and promoting the common development of all ethnic groups. China is also a unified multi-ethnic country, with 56 ethnic groups holding hands together and striving for the same Chinese dream. Harmony and tolerance are the common cultural features of both China and Mauritius, and the traditional friendship between the two peoples has laid a solid foundation for the development of bilateral relations.

Ambassador Sun Gongyi highlighted that the Chinese Embassy has always done its utmost to care for and support the development of Mauritian society and forged a profound friendship with the Mauritian people. In the future, the Chinese Embassy is willing to continue working together with friends from all walks of life in Mauritius, contributing to the welfare of the Chinese and Mauritian people and the deepening of Sino-Mauritian friendship through joint efforts and solidarity.

Mr. Dawood Auleear, on behalf of all civil organizations and NGOs present, expressed gratitude towards the Chinese Embassy for its commendation and support, saying that in the past 30 years, China has made enormous strides in the economic and social fields and successfully alleviated famine and poverty , working a miracle of development in human history. Being ready to help others is one of the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. While China is developing itself, it is also willing to share development opportunities with other countries in the world, including African countries. As a harmonious and unified multi-ethnic country, China has always been committed to promoting ethnic unity and safeguarding the rights of people of all ethnic groups.

At the event, Ambassador Sun Gongyi had a cordial exchange with representatives of civil associations and NGOs, and donated a batch of urgently needed office equipment to some civil organizations on behalf of the Chinese Embassy. Representatives of the beneficiaries said that the donated equipment will help the associations to tide over the difficult period of the pandemic, and that they will do better in the future to help more people in need.

Ambassador Sun Gongyi also gave interviews to MBC and "Le Defi" at the event. The Mauritian mainstream media covered the event extensively.

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