Notice On the Implementation of Consular Measures Such As "One Single Stop" And "Green channel"

The consular section of Chinese embassy has always insisted on allowing the applicants to "minimal strain" in providing highly convenient services at consular counter. In order to further enhance the service level, the consular section has decided to publicly committed to the following convenient measures:

First, "One Single Stop." Applicants applying for passport/travel documents, submitting notarization and authentication documents for certification, will only need to meet with the consular officer once. If there are some incomplete non-critical materials during the application process (except the materials that must be signed promptly in person at the counter, and the original documents to be inspected), they can be submitted by email, fax, post, or by others.

Second, "One Single Notification." When the applicant submits the application, if the application materials are incomplete or do not meet the necessary requirements, the consular officer will accept the application as normal but will notify the required supplementary materials to be provided in writing through the list (of required documents)

Third, "Green Channel." For humanitarian reasons such as mourning, visiting critically ill patients, emergency medical treatment, etc.), whenever an urgency is applicable for applying for passport/travel or visa and a limited time to make an appointment occurs, after inspection or confirmation, our officer will accept the application without an appointment and will provide express service if necessary.


1. In order to avoid incomplete materials or non-compliance with requirements, applicants should carefully read the relevant instructions on the website of our consular section.

2. If you have any questions, please send an email (, fax (00230-4663720) or call the Consular Section for consultation (00230-4663716 to 8001, 00230-4674600), we will provide necessary assistance.

3. Anyone is mostly welcomed to supervise the work of consular services in our consular section. Our consular officer will listen carefully to your opinions and suggestions and continuously improve and provide effective and better consular services.

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