Hand in Hand, Fighting against COVID-19
The Chinese Enterprises Association in Mauritius Raises Funds

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in China, Chinese-funded enterprises in Mauritius have been deeply concerned about the situation of China's epidemic prevention and control, wishing to do their utmost to contribute to the fight against the epidemic. On February 25, initiated by the Chinese Enterprises Association in Mauritius, the Chinese-funded enterprises in Mauritius voluntarily launched a fund-raising event on the theme of "Heart in Heart, We Fight COVID-19 Together". Many a little makes a mickle. They raised $10,000 within a short time and remitted it to Hubei Charity Federation.

Several Chinese-funded enterprises including Bank of China (Mauritius) Limited, Huawei Technologies Mauritius Co. Ltd., Guizhou Transportation Planning Survey & Design Academe Co. Ltd., Tianli Spinning, China Road and Bridge  Corporation (Mauritius), China Jiangsu International Economic-Technical Cooperation Corporation, Sinohydro Corporation Limited, Goldox Construction Ltd., China International Water & Electric Corp., China State Construction Engineering Corporation Ltd., CCS Comservice Mauritius Ltd., Mauritius Jinfei Economic Trade and Cooperation Zone Co. Ltd., Xiao Dao Travels, Beijing Construction Engineering Group Co. Ltd., Tianli Construction Co. Ltd., Beijing Zhuzong Group Co. Ltd. and Kuanfu Tea participated in the fund-raising event, showing that they are not onlookers in this nationwide battle against the epidemic. As the saying goes, "Everyone should do their utmost to make contributions for their motherland." It is the obligation as well as the most glorious responsibility of every Chinese citizen to overcome difficulties and hardships together with their motherland. Although there are only a few Chinese-funded enterprises in Mauritius, the mission of "sharing weal and woe with the motherland" has not changed in the slightest. They wish to warm the hearts of their fellow countrymen through practical actions and make due contributions to China's fight against the epidemic.

As the ancient Chinese poetry reads, "Though separated by mountains, we brave the same cloud and rain. Under the same moon, we are closely connected in heart." The raised funds represent the deep concerns of the Chinese-funded enterprises in Mauritius about their motherland as well as their support for the fight against the epidemic. Although the battle is arduous, united as one, we will eventually tide over the difficulties.

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