"China in My Eyes"--- Episode 2

The hero of our story today is Mr. Prithviraj Koosul. He has visited China four times, and each trip left him with unforgettable memories. During his last trip to China in 2019, he visited Wuhan, Changsha, Shenzhen among other places. For more interesting details, come and read the following essay "My Trip to China"!


My Trip to China

The People's Republic of China, commonly known as China, is a place I always looked forward to visiting as it is not only the home country of my fellow citizens but one of the superpowers in the world. My visit to China has been overwhelming. I got the opportunity to discover, learn and appreciate the real China which is far beyond beautiful people, Chinese language, China porcelain and tea. The Chinese hospitality, leadership in artificial intelligence, fiber networks, ethnic groups, landscape, history and cultural heritage, tourism and commerce knocked me off my feet. China in my eyes is well set to lead the world and to assist all the continents to grow, expand and have an enhanced life.

My visit to China from 10th to 29th October, 2019 was greatly inspiring, impressive, enriching and memorable. It largely improved my knowledge and practiced at my workplace and my daily life. The study tour which was made up of people from different countries and communities together with the host group was an excellent experience for exchange and to discover new viewpoints, latest technologies and approaches on artificial intelligence. The journey in China started from my transit to Shanghai Pudong Airport which is a major aviation hub in China and I was really looking forward to. I have been to Beijing and Shanghai airports before and I felt very happy to be there for its solid reputation and its high standard impeccable services. It is often described that China is a whole different world. I was quite excited to reach Wuhan City fast for the seminar on Broadband network and then go to visit Changsha and Shenzhen. I knew I was going to learn and enjoy at the same time.

The Seminar on Construction of Broadband Networks and fiber connection was very interesting and easy to understand. I enjoyed both the theoretical and the practical parts of the course where we had to do patching of broadband wires which we carried out in the Fiber Home. The interaction with communication enterprises was very impressive. The methods and devices used by the lecturers were very professional. I was stunned by the advanced internet technology of China. It was absolutely wonderful to learn the history and see the latest development of broadband network and Fiber connection of China with the World. China has been spearheading the connection with the world in terms of communication technology. I was impressed to learn that Fiber home Technologies has set up more than 20 overseas branches, selling products to over 80 countries and regions.

By rolling out one of the largest 5G networks, China is showing up as the World's Technology Leader. I learnt about the 5G while we were in China and I attended the launching. I developed a keen interest to be updated of China's foothold in technology and artificial intelligence more specifically and China's heavy investment in developing its own semi-conductors also known as micro Chip plants. China's vast electronic industry makes it one of the world's largest exporter of semi-conductors. With 5G, artificial intelligence and the future technologies on the rise, it is perhaps no surprise that China is achieving semi-conductor's independence. This is amazing.

The smart city of China is worth mentioning as it looks unique in the world. The cameras and the monitoring through internet that can spot out a thief within minutes is an example for the rest of the world to follow. Mauritius probably got inspired by China to establish safe and smart cities as well. It is absolutely interesting to note that China is one of the pioneers of artificial intelligence, a field which is now emerging as one of the pillars of the Mauritian economy. We visited different types of robots and it was mind-blowing to give them instructions and see the robot doing exactly what it has been asked to do.

China is no doubt well advanced, far ahead in the world and quite particular in various aspects. It has taken shape of one of the greatest superpowers in the world. The self-sufficiency of the country in terms of technology, products, food, agriculture, employment, tourism among others speaks volumes. It is so interesting to see the various ways in which China creates employment and sustainability for its people. I was particularly amazed to see how the roads are washed, how the pavements are rebuilt every now and then. The domestic tourism in China is spectacular. So is the agricultural sector. China makes use of its wetlands, lakes and rivers very wisely. The rice and lotus plantations are so impressive. The scenery is very beautiful, the landscape is exceptionally amazing where in the midst of cities and skyscrapers, one can find green willow trees on the roadsides and colorful flowers everywhere which are irrigated daily. The means of transport is quite interesting too where on the landscape you can see railways, underground metro, and buses, taxis, ubers as public transport on the roads. The police patrol car without a driver is an achievement in the field of driverless cars.

The visits to various museums give an insight of the rich history and cultural heritage of China. This includes the history, languages, the culinary practices, the dress, the festivals, folk songs, dance and many more. The Chinese culture is wonderful. The dresses with beautiful red and golden colors add so much vibration to life. Apart from electronics, smart phones and smart watches, the dresses and the silk of China is a must while shopping and this is what we bring as presents for our relatives and friends. I had the opportunity to visit the silk factory during my previous visits and I was mesmerized. Mauritius is composed of a mixed population of Indian, African and Chinese origins. Therefore, I could relate to the Chinese culture. However, I was surprised to see that the real Chinese cuisine is different from that in Mauritius. For instance, the garlic sauce and chilli paste which is a must in noodles in Mauritius does not owe its origin to China as we Mauritians often think. Here we eat with forks and spoons in Chinese restaurant. It is in China that I learned to eat with chop sticks as I was left with no options and I loved it.

The bilateral relations and interactions between Mauritius and China are very deep rooted and strong. To promote and protect the Chinese cultural heritage, every year, Mauritius hosts cultural exchanges between both countries in the form of Chinese film festivals, annual Chinese festivals and festivals in China Town in Port Louis. Spring festival is a public holiday in Mauritius. Mandarin and Hakka are among the languages spoken in Mauritius. Our bonding transcends culture as over the years Mauritius and China have developed strong economic ties. China has been sponsoring capital projects in Mauritius, for instance, the Bagatelle Dam, the construction of sports complex of international standard in Cote D'or, the SSR International Airport, etc.

Actually, this was my fourth visit to China but my first to Wuhan, Changsha and Shenzhen. In 2012, I had been to African Media Tour to Beijing, Hangzhou and Shanghai as cameraman for the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation. In 2013, I came to Shanghai for the coverage of the Roadshow-Inauguration of direct flights between Mauritius and Shanghai operated by Air Mauritius. In 2015, I covered for the MBC, the roadshow- inauguration of direct flights between Chengdu and Mauritius. I have loved every bit of my journey in different provinces in China, from the world's biggest fiber home, to the panda zoos, the ancient China village and the world heritage site like The Great Wall of China. I look forward to many more visits.


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