Chinese Embassy in Mauritius Holds Video Conference on Epidemic Prevention and Control with Other Chinese Institutions in Mauritius

On March 27, the Chinese Embassy in Mauritius and other Chinese institutions in Mauritius held a video conference on the prevention and control of COVID-19. The Ambassador, Mr.Sun Gongyi chaired the conference and more than 100 people participated in the conference through Huawei WeLink including representatives from the Chinese enterprises in Mauritius, China Cultural Center, Chinese teachers and volunteers, Confucius Institute in Mauritius, Chinese communities in Mauritus as well as the Chinese medical experts.

Representatives from Mauritius Jin Fei Cooperation Zone, China Road & Bridge Corporation, Chinese teachers in Mauritius, the Chinese dean of the Confucius Institute in Mauritius and representatives of the Chinese communities in Mauritius introduced the situation and measures of epidemic prevention and control respectively, mentioning the current difficulties in the supply of materials concerning epidemic prevention as well as that of daily necessities.

Ambassador Sun Gongyi expressed his concern and conveyed his greetings to the Chinese citizens in Mauritius, introducing the domestic situation on the fight against COVID-19 and the development of the epidemic situation in Mauritius. Ambassador Sun Gongyi pointed out that after the outbreak of the epidemic in China, General Secretary Xi Jinping personally deployed and directed the epidemic prevention and control work, giving first priority to people's lives and taking all feasible measures to raise the rescue rate and cure rate, which fully reflects China's notable institutional advantages. At present, the domestic epidemic situation continues to go well and the resumption of work and production is progressing in an orderly manner with people's lives gradually back to normal. However, the rapid spread of the epidemic in the world shows that the situation is not optimistic. The development of the epidemic in Mauritius is still on the rise. So far, nearly a hundred confirmed cases have been registered in Mauritius. In the face of the epidemic, our compatriots in Mauritius should treat it rationally, not only to avoid panic, but also to be precautious. Everyone must be prepared psychologically and materially for a relatively long period of time, protecting themselves, avoiding international travel, and preventing cross-infection.

Ambassador Sun Gongyi underscored that the Chinese Embassy represents our motherland who provides substantial support for all the overseas Chinese. Since the outbreak, the Chinese Embassy has maintained close contact with various departments of the Mauritian government to provide consular protection for the Chinese citizens and help resolve practical issues such as work visa extensions. Ambassador Sun Gongyi called on all the Chinese institutions in Mauritius to help each other in difficult times and tide over the difficulties together, adding that the Chinese Embassy will also actively find ways to solve the problems concerning epidemic prevention and shortage of living materials, and continue to spare no effort to protect the health as well as the legal rights and interests of the Chinese citizens in Mauritius.

Doctor Hu Binglin and Doctor Wang Xiaosu who are from Shanghai Yueyang Hospital and currently working at China-Mauritius Chinese Medicine Center introduced the knowledge of epidemic prevention and reminded everyone to do daily protection work targeted at the virus.


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