The First Batch of Medical Materials Donated by China Arrives in Mauritius

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 in mid-March in Mauritius, the Chinese government has kept a close eye on the evolvement of the epidemic. As China and Mauritius boast long-term friendship, the Chinese government decided to provide medical supplies to Mauritius in order to render support and assistance to Mauritius in its fight against the epidemic.

On the evening of April 18th, the first batch of protective medical materials sent by the Chinese government to its Mauritian counterpart arrived with the Mauritian charter plane. The materials included reagents and protective clothing.

Moreover, the Chinese Embassy in Mauritius and local governments in Shanghai, Wenzhou in Zhejiang, Changzhou in Jiangsu, Meizhou and Foshan in Guangdong have also collected a number of protective materials which will arrive afterwards.

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