Latest on Covid-19 in Mauritius

1. Till the evening of May 4, no new case of Covid-19 has been recorded in Mauritius. There are 332 positive cases with a total of 315 patients successfully treated while the number of deaths remains at ten. There are only 3 cases currently active in Mauritius, and 3 patients have left for treatment abroad. 

2. Mauritian Prime Minister Jugnauth announced that the ongoing Covid-19 curfew will be extended to 1st June 2020 and schools will remain closed till 1st August 2020. As from 15 May 2020, bakeries and hardware stores will be allowed to operate while dentists, opticians, vegetable planters and fishermen, amongst others, can also return to their normal activities while respecting strict hygiene measures. The opening hours of supermarkets will be extended to 8 PM. Taxis will be allowed a maximum of three passengers. Moreover, the metro will operate with restricted capacity and travelers will need to abide by social distancing. Work from Home will also be encouraged for officers. The reopening of the airspace will depend both on the local and global situation.

3. The Covid-19 Bill making provision for the necessary legal impetus to enforce post-lockdown measures, as well as to protect the country from a second wave of the Covid-19 infections, will soon be debated in the National Assembly.

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