Latest on Covid-19 in Mauritius

1. Till the evening of May 6, Mauritius has recorded no new Covid-19 case for 10 consecutive days, with a total of 332 positive cases and 2 active cases. Local media reported that one recovered patient was again tested positive.

2. The Mauritian Prime Minister Jugnauth said recently that Mauritius should exercise caution and be prepared for the second wave of the virus.

3. The Chinese community in Mauritius donated 300,000 rupees to the Covid-19 Solidarity Fund a few days ago.

4.  Airports of Mauritius Co. Ltd issued a press release stating that it is making preparations for the reopening of the airport. Air Mauritius made an announcement declaring the resumption of cargo flight operations, adding that commercial flights will remain suspended until June 1.

5. Minister of Agro Industry and Food Security Gobin and Minister of Commerce and Consumer Protection Sawmynaden reassured the public that they would take measures to ensure that there is no shortage of essential commodities such as rice, flour, onions and potatoes.

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