Latest on Covid-19 in Mauritius

1. Mauritian President Roopun issued a statement through Facebook, saying that as from May 15 Mauritius will lift the lockdown in a phased manner, thus epidemic prevention and control will enter a new stage. He called on the public to strictly abide by the sanitary measures, maintain social distancing, and work together to tide over the crisis.

2. Mauritian media reported that May 15 was the first day of Mauritius's phased resumption of production and that Mauritius Police Force has delivered electronic permits (QR codes) for 180,000 people. It is expected that 280,000 copies will be delivered before complete resumption of work on June 1. The old paper permits have been invalidated.

3. The Central Electricity Board, Mauritius Revenue Authority, Mauritius Post Ltd and Mauritius Telecom will be open from Monday to Saturday in accordance with alphabetical order and relevant requirements. Public transport resumes operation, while passengers need to wear masks and the senior citizens should avoid busy hours. The opening hours of the supermarkets are from 9 am to 8 pm and closed on Sunday. Customers go to the bakeries, fish shop, butcheries, hair salons, hardware stores and banks in alphabetical order, but there is no restrictions to the gas station and pharmacies.

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