The Chinese Embassy in Mauritius Holds a Video Conference on Epidemic Prevention and Control with Chinese-funded Enterprises in Mauritius

On May 14, The Chinese Embassy in Mauritius Holds a Video Conference on Epidemic Prevention and Control with Chinese-funded Enterprises in Mauritius. Ambassador Sun Gongyi, Political Counselor Gong Yufeng, Commercial Counselor Hu Ming and Consul Li Liang attended the meeting. More than 60 participants including people in charge of 21 Chinese-funded enterprises and representatives of employees attended the conference through Huawei WeLink.

The directors from Sinohydro Group Limited, Huawei, and Beijing Construction Engineering Corporation exchanged information and experience on epidemic prevention and control, and introduced prevention and control plans and measures after the resumption of production.

In his address, Ambassador Sun Gongyi said that in the previous stage of the epidemic control each Chinese-funded enterprise in Mauritius implemented strict epidemic prevention and control measures and achieves the goal of "zero infection" among employees. There have been no new cases in Mauritius for more than half a month. The confirmed cases have been temporarily cured, and the epidemic situation has been basically controlled. At present, we still cannot take it lightly and should not relax our vigilance. Enterprises still face risks and uncertainties when resuming production. It is hoped that on the basis of the previous stage of epidemic prevention work all enterprises will continue to give first priority to epidemic prevention and implement strict prevention and control measures, implement responsibilities to people, supplement and update the epidemic prevention plan according to changes in circumstances, and do their utmost to avoid cluster infections.

At the conference, Ambassador Sun Gongyi also exchanged views with participating enterprises and employees on topics such as production, management, and living security.

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