Ambassador Sun Gongyi Gives an Exclusive Interview to China Radio International

Recently Ambassador Sun Gongyi gave an exclusive interview to China Radio International (CRI) on the protection of the rights and interests of Chinese citizens in Mauritius  during the outbreak of the epidemic, the cooperation between China and Mauritius in the fight against the epidemic and the response of all sectors of the Mauritian society.

What has the Chinese Embassy in Mauritius done to fight the epidemic, especially to protect the interests and rights of Chinese citizens in Mauritius and provide guidance on epidemic prevention? What kind of cooperation has China and Mauritius carried out to fight the epidemic? What does the Mauritian government and ordinary people say about China and Mauritius working together to fight the epidemic? In this context, Li Xiuli, a correspondent from CRI in Southern Africa, interviewed Ambassador Sun Gongyi.

Q1: Please tell us about the current status of Chinese citizens in Mauritius? What has the Chinese Embassy done to combat the epidemic, especially to protect the interests and rights of Chinese citizens in Mauritius and provide guidance on  epidemic prevention?

● Since the outbreak of covid-19, the Chinese Embassy has attached great importance to the protection of Chinese citizens in Mauritius.

● We keep track of Chinese citizens in Mauritius in a timely manner, establish and maintain smooth channels of communication with the Mauritian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade, Ministry of Health and Wellness, Mauritius Police Force, Passport and Immigration Office, airports, customs border inspection and other departments of Mauritius, and send notes to relevant parties. When problems and difficulties arise, the Chinese citizens in Mauritius can get timely help, especially concerning the problem of visa extension and residence permits due to the suspension of flights.

● The consulate section of the Chinese Embassy answers the inquiry around the clock, replies email every day, and holds a video conference with Chinese citizens in Mauritius to sort out problems. When the national confinement was first implemented in Mauritius, some Chinese compatriots did not have the supplies of daily necessities. The staff of the Chinese Embassy took out their own materials, contacted and coordinated companies and individuals with sufficient stocks to provide assistance to meet the urgent need.

● At present, no Chinese citizens in Mauritius have been infected, nor have they been under quarantine.

Q2: Currently, the situation of the epidemic prevention and control in Mauritius is improving. What kind of cooperation has China and Mauritius carried out to fight the epidemic? What role did these cooperations play?

When vovid-19 broke out in China, all circles in Mauritius firmly supported China's fight against the epidemic. Mauritian Prime Minister Jugnauth and General Secretary of the MSM Bhoda both wrote letters to Chinese President Xi Jinping, highly commending China's achievements in the fight against the virus, and saying that "Mauritius stands firmly with China." Many ministers in Mauritius, as well as politicians such as the President of the Labor Party Assirvaden and former Mauritian President Fakim also wrote letters and called to express their condolences and support to China.

Many Mauritian people who have studied, worked and lived in China spontaneously made videos to cheer for China.

● After the outbreak in Mauritius, China quickly responded and actively supported Mauritius in its fight against the epidemic. The International Department of the CPC Central Committee, United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Comittee, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Commerce, China International Development Cooperation Agency and other departments, Guangdong, Shanghai, Changsha, Changzhou, Wenzhou and other provinces and cities, as well as Jack Ma Foundation, Chinese-funded enterprises in Mauritius, and Chinese communities in Mauritius have done their utmost to donate urgently needed medical supplies to Mauritius. Relevant departments in China assisted Mauritius in purchasing large quantities of medical materials and equipment from China, and provided facilities for Mauritius to transport materials by chartered planes. At present, most materials have arrived in Mauritius. The Chinese Embassy also helped Mauritius exchange with Chinese medical experts to share experience in epidemic prevention.

● For China's support and assistance, Mauritian Prime Minister Jugnauth sent a letter to President Xi Jinping to express his gratitude, and thanked again when talking with me on the phone. Mauritian Foreign Minister Bhoda spoke highly of the cooperation between the two countries in the fight against the virus. He said: "The cooperation between the two countries has been very successful. Mauritius has learned a lot from China and hoped to continue such cooperation in the future."

Q3: What's the comment of the Mauritian government and ordinary people on China and Mauritius joining hands to fight against Covid-19?

● During the outbreak, the Mauritian media have paid close attention to the friendly interaction between China and Mauritius, conducted many interviews with me, and published my signed article "Fighting the Epidemic and Overcoming Difficulties Together". News such as the arrival of Chinese medical supplies, the video conference between the Ministry of Health and Wellness of Mauritius and Chinese medical experts, and the material donations provided by Chinese-funded enterprises and Chinese communities in Mauritius is often reported in Mauritian newspapers, radio and television stations.

● A few days ago, several Mauritius doctors sent the Chinese  Embassy photos in which they were wearing protective clothing made in China, saying, "Thanks to China 's protective materials, we are able to save more people's lives." "I believe that the cooperation will further draw closer the feelings of the people of the two countries, and promote bilateral relations and pragmatic cooperation in various fields to continue yielding fruit."

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