Notice on Filling in the "Health Declaration Form" for Travelling to China

The prevailing situation of the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is still critical, and cross-border flow of travelers are prone to cross-infection in conditions of worldwide epidemic spreading. 

According to general arrangement, foreign nationals from those countries including Mauritius who have a visa-exemption agreement with China are strongly advised to refrain from travelling to China at this special period of time.Those travelers with diplomatic or official passports will not be affected. However, for any necessary travel, please download and fill in the "Health Declaration Form" on the official website of the Embassy before departure, and bring it along for inspection. Travelers shall not conceal or falsely declare the information, so as not to affect your entry. Should you be found responsible for the spread of the infectious disease or give rise to serious risk of such spread, you shall bear all relevant legal responsibilities.

According to China's Regulations onEpidemic Prevention and Control, foreign nationals entering China must undertake14 days of mandatory quarantine at places designated.All relevant costs shall be borne by the travelers themselves.Those who have a travel plan to China are kindly requested to strictly abide by relevant regulations. 


 Chinese Embassy in Mauritius

 30th May 2020


PS: Attached herewith is the Health Declaration Form which can also be found in the forms for download.

Health Declaration Form  



I (Full name:                   , Passport number:           ) hereby declare that I have had none of the following situations over the 14 days immediately preceding the date on this Health Declaration Form:


1. Being confirmed or suspected of COVID-19 infection by any medical institution;

2. Running a fever at or above 37.3ºC or showing respiratory symptoms;

3. Coming into contact with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases;

4. Coming into contact with patients with a fever or respiratory symptoms;

5. Staying in a community or hotel reporting confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases;

6. At least two persons in my office or family running a fever or showing respiratory symptoms;

7. Taking medicine for fever or cold;

8. Visiting public spaces like hospitals, theaters, restaurants and leisure facilities or taking part in group activities without taking protective measures like wearing a mask.


I declare the truthfulness and veracity of the statements above. If any above-mentioned situation happens to me before leaving for China, I shall cancel the trip.


I acknowledge and accept the responsibilities under this Declaration pursuant to the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China should I conceal any health condition that might cause the spread of quarantinable infectious diseases or give rise to serious risks of such spread.



   Signature of the applicant:                    Date:

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