Latest on Covid-19 in Mauritius

    1. Till June 15, there are not any new local Covid-19 cases after 47 days with only 2 active cases in Mauritius.

    2. The Mauritian Prime Minister Jugnauth announced that all economic and social activities can now resume from June 15th. Consequently, beaches, markets, gyms, parks, Village Halls, Community Centres, cinemas and other public places will now be accessible to the public but the wearing of masks will still be compulsory. Religious activities, weddings and other social activities are allowed to be organized, There are no restrictions on the number of passengers for the public transport. Except under special circumstances, all airplanes and ships are not allowed to enter Mauritian territory from June 12 to August 31, and the entry restriction measures will be extended to August 31.

    3. The Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology stated that local schools will resume classes on July 1, and all teaching staff will take nucleic acid test before the resumption of classes.


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