Latest on Covid-19 in Mauritius
   1. Till now, Mauritius has recorded 3 new imported cases of Covid-19. There are currently 4 active cases and 346 people under quarantine.

      2. Air Mauritius has recently issued a news release saying that, in view of the Mauritian government's announcement that the border will be closed until August 31st, Air Mauritius plans to resume commercial flights from September 1, and currently only retains flights of humanitarian aid and commercial cargo. 3. Local media reported that from June 22nd, 24,000 children in Mauritius's 800 kindergartens will officially resume classes. The Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology emphasized that the resumption of classes is carried out under strict hygienic conditions. Kindergartens regularly take the temperature of the children who are required to wash their hands frequently. Universities, middle and primary schools are expected to resume classes from July 1.

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