Ambassador Sun Gongyi Meets with the New Managing Committee Members of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce Mauritius

On July 9, Ambassador Sun Gongyi met with Fok Kow Pascal, new president of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce Mauritius, as well as its new managing committee members at the Chinese Embassy.

Ambassador Sun Gongyi extended warm congratulations to the new managing committee members of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce Mauritius, expressing gratitude to the Chinese Chamber of Commerce Mauritius for providing support and expressing condolences to the Chinese government and people when Covid-19 broke out in Wuhan, and commending it for the long-term commitment to promote economic and cultural exchanges between China and Mauritius. Ambassador Sun Gongyi said that both China and Mauritius have successfully controlled the epidemic and gradually resumed production, setting an example for the whole world. He hoped that the Chinese Chamber of Commerce would play an active role in further strengthening the cooperation between China and Mauritius in economic, trade and other fields after the epidemic.

Fok Kow Pascal highly lauded the major achievements made by China in the fight against Covid-19, expressing gratitude to the Chinese Embassy for its long-term concern and support for the Chinese Chamber of Commerce Mauritius as well as other Chinese communities in Mauritius, and saying that the Chinese Chamber of Commerce Mauritius will do its utmost to overcome the impact of the epidemic and resume various activities as soon as possible, continuing to strengthen cooperation with the Chinese Embassy and jointly promote exchanges and cooperation between China and Mauritius in various fields such as economic, trade and culture.

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