The Chinese Embassy in Mauritius Holds a Handover Ceremony for Transferring Donations of Epidemic Prevention Materials to the Chinese Communities in Mauritius

On July 10, 2020, the Chinese Embassy in Mauritius held a handover ceremony and transferred the epidemic prevention materials donated by China Overseas Friendship Association to the United Chinese Association in Mauritius. Ambassador Sun Gongyi, Counselor Gong Yufeng, and Phillipe Fok, president of the United Chinese Association, attended the ceremony.

In his address, Ambassador Sun Gongyi said that the Chinese communities in Mauritius have supported China's fight against Covid-19 and made generous donations since the epidemic outbreak in Wuhan, China early this year. After Covid-19 broke out in mid-March in Mauritius, the Chinese Embassy communicated closely with relevant Chinese departments and actively coordinated matters concerning the donations of epidemic prevention materials. The Chinese Overseas Friendship Association and the Chinese Embassy in Mauritius donated masks, gloves and other epidemic prevention materials to the Chinese communities in Mauritius, reflecting the Chinese government's concern of the Chinese communities in Mauritius as well as the deep friendship between the peoples of the two countries. He hoped that the Chinese communities in Mauritius continue to do epidemic prevention work and resume production and work in the next stage, promoting the continuous development of friendly relations and people-to-people exchanges between the two countries.

Phillipe Fok expressed his gratitude to the Chinese government and people for their concern for the Chinese communities in Mauritius. He also expressed gratitude to China Overseas Friendship Association and the Chinese Embassy for donating epidemic prevention materials to the Chinese communities in Mauritius, saying that the Chinese national flags on the packing made him proud his home country. And the logo of "China Aid for Shared Future" makes him feel warm in heart. No matter where they are, the Chinese communities in Mauritius will always stand with their compatriots from their home country, supporting each other. The Chinese communities will continue to protect themselves from the epidemic, resume production and life as soon as possible, and make greater contributions to deepening exchanges and cooperation between China and Mauritius as well as the friendship between the peoples of the two countries.

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