Ambassador Sun Gongyi Attends the Inauguration Ceremony of the New Secretary General of the Indian Ocean Commission ( IOC )

On July 16, the Council of Ministers Meeting of the IOC  and inauguration ceremony of the new secretary general of the IOC was held through a video conference. As the representative of the Observer State of the IOC, Chinese Ambassador Sun Gongyi was invited to attend the meeting.

The outgoing Secretary General Boléro stated in his address that the IOC has been ambitious in the past few years and has continuously expanded the areas of cooperation with countries in the region, making due contributions to maintaining regional stability, prosperity and development. The IOC has also continued to expand its partnership network through absorbing China and other observer states, and has thus opened up broader prospects for regional development.

In his speech, the newly appointed Secretary General of the IOC, Mr. Vêlayoudom Marimoutou pointed out that the world is currently making every effort to combat Covid-19. The IOC will play an important role as a platform for regional cooperation and strengthen solidarity and cooperation with all parties to overcome the difficulties. At the same time, the IOC will continue to be committed to safeguarding the security of the Indian Ocean region and promoting the economic development of regional countries as well as regional cultural exchanges.

The IOC was established in January 1984, and its permanent secretariat is located in Mauritius. There are 5 members of Mauritius, namely, Madagascar, Seychelles, Comoros and Reunion ( an overseas region of France ), as well as observer states of China, the European Union, the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie, Japan, India, and the United Nations.

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