Ambassador Sun Gongyi Attends the Event of "Journée de la Santé et de la Culture" Jointly Organized by the United Chinese Associations and Hindu House

On July 18, 2020, the Event of "Journée de la Santé et de la Culture" Jointly Organized by the United Chinese Associations and Hindu House was held in Port Louis. About 500 people from all walks of life in Mauritius including Mrs. Kobita Jugnauth, Vice President Boissezon, Minister of Health and Wellness Jagutpal, Minister of Arts and Cultural Heritage Teeluk, Minister of Gender Equality and Family Welfare Koonjoo-shah and other dignitaries attended the event. Ambassador Sun Gongyi and his wife together with cultural counselor Zhang Xinhong were invited to participate.

In their speeches, Mr. Bundhun, President of Hindu House, and Mr. Philippe Fok Kan, President of the United Chinese Associations, stated that all mankind is struggling with the common enemy of Covid-19. In the face of life and health, people must forget the separation caused by religion and ethnicity, and be united as a whole to fight the epidemic. It is precisely because of this concept that the two most influential societies of the Indian and Chinese ethnic groups in Mauritius decided to co-organize this event, calling on the public to work together to overcome the difficulties.

In his address, Minister Teeluck reviewed the history of the two splendid civilizations of China and India on the mutual and harmonious development of the land of Mauritius, as well as the good traditions of unity and cooperation of the two ethnic groups. Minister Jagutpal summarized the arduous and effective epidemic prevention work of the Mauritian government and people over the past three months, and expressed gratitude to China and other friendly countries for their valuable support. Jagutpal pointed out that the epidemic has highlighted the value of health, and called on the people to learn from the traditional Chinese and Indian cultures and improve their health through yoga and Tai Chi, so as to contribute to the country's public health.

The cultural performances brought by the Lion Dance Federation, Wing Chung, and Hindu House pushed the event to a climax. Indian girls dressed in Indian festival costumes perform on the same stage with agile and vigorous lion dances. The tinkling foot bells and the cheerful gongs and drums fully demonstrated the harmonious blending of Chinese and Indian cultures on the Island of Mauritius.

Finally, Ambassador Sun Gongyi and his wife, Counselor Zhang and other guests together visited the exhibition featuring culture and health.

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