Hong Kong National Security Law  :  The Relentless Fight Against Secession, Subversion and Terrorism.

The promulgation of National Security Law last week by the  20th session of the standing committee of the 13th National People's Congress ( FPC) marks a milestone in the history of Hong Kong to restore law and order and to uphold the Rule of Law as enshrined in the constitution .It plugs loopholes in Hong Kong law and it targets 4 categories of offences including secession,subversion,terrorist activities and collusion with foreign country or external elements to endanger national security and it spells out their corresponding penalties.An overwhelming majority of Hong Kong residents hailed this new law as a turning point for the city to revert back to law, order and stability after 15 months of  lawlessness. unrest and turmoil which have rocked the country to its foundation. And turned it into a jungle.Such a law has been most crucial and most welcomed as the once economic hub of Asia has been embroiled into the abyss of lawlessness and subversive demonstration -- cum-terrorism.But the Western media true to their policy  of hidden agenda distorts facts and immediately fanned discontent and suspicion to destabilize the country again.Carrie Lam the Chief Executive of Hong Kong made it clear that the law is not targeting freedom of speech,press and assembly in the city.One thing to bear in mind : Hong Kong is part of China but it was excised during the Opium Wars by the British in collusion with others.According to international law no country from outside can meddle into the affairs of another and has therefore to respect its sovereignty.The newly promulgated law calls for co-ordination mechanism to be set up regarding the supervising and guiding of the work of the region in the maintenance of state security.The Chief Executive further ensures the long term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong with the promulgation of such law.


For over a year Hong Kong has known the darkest period of its history  when widespread protests erupted over a now-defunct fugitive bill that would have allowed suspects to be repatriated across the border to face trial making the country hell-bent.The trouble-seekers have exploited the situation to cripple the city.All sorts of violence were triggered plunging Hong Kong into utter chaos.Many took to the streets in protests.90% of the city 's subway stations were vandalized and shopping centres ransacked.They tainted the national emblem and sacrileged the Parliament.They threw molotov cocktails at police and even vented anger and frustration on mere civilians on the streets.Which Government worthy of  its name and respect could have  accepted such lawlessness and defiance???No human society can condone these acts of barbarism.The riot turned Hong Kong the once haven of the East into a battleground.Many political pundits remained stupefied at the inaction of Beijing to take strong actions to curb such anarchy.But the Chinese authorities was buying time.


One thing for sure China will not allow one of its territories to slide into an abyss and will not tolerate any country to poke its nose into the affairs of others.The dismantling of Soviet Union into fragmentary states is still fresh in the minds of political leaders.National security is always a matter within the purview  of central authorities.Hong Kong will retain its autonomy under the <one country, two systems> principle.The legislation will only target a handful of agitators who have breached the law while the life and property ,basic rights and freedoms of the overwhelming majority of law-abiding and peace –loving Hong Kong residents will be guaranteed.Hong Kong will grasp the opportunities of the Belt and Road initiatives and the Guandong –Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area development to recover to the precious level and even make further progress.International reputation of Hong Kong will be restored.The new law is aimed primarily at restoring peace and law and order after cracking down on criminals who have endangered national security.It is already acting as a deterrent as most of the ringleaders like Joshua Wong ,Nathan Law and Agnes Chow have disappeared from circulation or have resigned from the movement of agitators ( Demosistos)as they are unmasked.One HK resident says:'' People in this society should know that if they break the law they will have to face the dire consequences''. Against this backdrop of gloom and doom the most disheartening is the double standards of US on this issue,They are fuelling misconceptions about Beijing 's new  national security laws.Paradoxically in USA,  demonstrators of Black Lives Matter  in the wake of the assassination of George Floyd are called vampires but in Hong Kong rioters are hailed as pro-democracy protestors.Such hypocrisy should be denounced ---double standard language.The so called champions of Human Rights cried out that China is violating Human rights.They mix up the issue : national security and human rights are two poles apart.More than 50 countries in a joint statement expressed opposition to a foreign interference in China's internal affairs and they strongly support China's position and measures on Hong Kong's related issues .UN Human Rights Council has expressed their unflinching support for the passage of the law of People's Republic of China on safeguarding National security in the HK Special Administrative Region.With the promulgation of this law lasting prosperity and stability are guaranteed and the residents will exercise rights and freedoms in a conducive environment.



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