The Spouse of the Chinese Ambassador Wang Ju Pays a Visit to the Addiction Treatment Centre in Terre Rouge

On October 13, Counselor Wang Ju, spouse of the Chinese Ambassador to Mauritius, was invited to pay a visit to the Addiction Treatment Centre in Terre Rouge in Mauritius. Mr. Jean Bruneau, President of the Addiction Treatment Centre in Terre Rouge, Mr. Ajay Sowdagur, secretary general of the National Social Inclusion Foundation of Mauritius, and Mr. Krishnen, representative of the Minister of Labor, Human Resource Development and Training of Mauritius accompanied her on the visit.

After being briefed on the situation of the Addiction Treatment Centre in Terre Rouge, Counselor Wang Ju underscored that drugs are a public hazard to human society and draconian drug control is the consistent position of the Chinese government. China insists on implementing a national drug prevention education program with a focus on young people, and the national awareness of drug control has been greatly reinforced. Wang Ju extolled the good deeds of helping more than 2,500 people get rid of drug addiction and return to society since the establishment of the Centre and commended the selfless dedication of the center staff, adding that the Chinese Embassy is willing to join hands with the Mauritian government and all sectors of the Mauritian society to help the development of the cause of drug control in Mauritius, and wishes to cooperate with the international community including Mauritius, taking active part in international drug control to ensure human health, safety and common wellfare.

For their part, Mr. Jean Bruneau and Mr. Ajay Sowdagur said that they once had the honor to go to China for inspection and training and were greatly amazed by China's economic and social development. They sincerely admired China's major achievements in combating drug crimes, hoping to further strengthen exchanges with the Chinese Embassy to learn from China's experience in drug control, expand the areas of cooperation between Mauritius and China, and jointly contribute to the international drug control cause.

When communicating with people undergoing drug rehabilitation, Counselor Wang Ju encouraged them to overcome difficulties, exercise self-discipline, and strive to return to society as soon as possible to regain a happy life.

Counselor Wang Ju donated a batch of urgently needed office equipment to the Addiction Treatment Centre in Terre Rouge on behalf of the Chinese Embassy. The staff of the center were grateful for this, saying that this will not only greatly improve the conditions of the center, but also provide a great encouragement to the people addicted to drugs. They would make good use of these materials and exert its good social benefits.

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