Ambassador Sun Gongyi Meets with Members of Parliament of Mauritius

On October 27, 2020, Ambassador Sun Gongyi met with honorable Mrs. Sandra Mayotte and honorable Mrs. Joan Tour, members of Parliament of Mauritius at the Chinese Embassy. The two sides exchanged views on strengthening cooperation between China and Mauritius in various fields. Counselor Wang Ju, spouse of Ambassador Sun Gongyi, was also present at the meeting.

Mrs. Sandra Mayotte and Mrs. Joan Tour stated that with its economy developing rapidly China has also made enormous strides in protecting women and children and other disadvantaged groups as well as alleviating poverty. Mauritius wishes to learn from China's successful experience and strengthen its exchange and cooperation with the Chinese Embassy in these areas.

Ambassador Sun Gongyi underscored that China and Mauritius have conducted fruitful exchanges and cooperation in economic and social fields for a long time. The Chinese Embassy is willing to further enhance practical cooperation with the Mauritian government and NGOs, providing more assistance and support to vulnerable groups such as women and children so as to benefit the people of the two countries.

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