Latest on Covid-19 in Mauritius

1. On December 22, Mauritius recorded 2 new imported cases. Till December 22, there are 20 active cases in Mauritius with 1219 people under quarantine.

2. On December 18, the cabinet meeting of the Mauritian government decided that the border reopening time would be postponed to February 15, 2021. All passengers are required to undergo a 14-day quarantine prior to this time.

3. On December 21, the Mauritian government announced that passengers from England, Scotland, Wales and South Africa are no longer allowed to enter Mauritius from midnight on December 21 to December 31 following the discovery of a new variant of Covid-19 in UK and South Africa. Minister of Health and Wellness Jagutpal said that the next 10 days will give the authorities a better idea of the new variant. Furthermore, he said that all passengers who arrived in Mauritius during the last two weeks will undergo further tests. He also reassured that the PCR tests currently in use can detect the new variant.

4. On December 22, Minister of Health and Wellness Jagutpal stated that the Ministry of Health and Wellness is studying and formulating a vaccination plan. The Mauritian government has contacted several vaccine laboratories. After the relevant vaccines have been approved by the World Health Organization, the Mauritian government will start purchasing. The first phase of the plan covers 20% of the total population of Mauritius, and priority is given to frontline medical staff and vulnerable groups. The Mauritian government will not force its citizens to vaccinate, but it is recommended that the public actively take it into consideration. After the vaccine is put into use, the government will lift the mandatory quarantine measures. The WHO representative in Mauritius, Dr. Musango, pointed out that WHO is evaluating the effectiveness, side effects and storage conditions of Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna and other vaccines. An evaluation report will be issued in the near future for WHO member states’ reference to the purchase time.

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