Ambassador Sun Gongyi Attends 2019 Annual Awards Ceremony of Modern College in Mauritius

On August 28th, at the invitation of the Modern College in Mauritius, Ambassador Sun Gongyi attended its 2019 annual awards ceremony and the 50th anniversary of the founding of the school. The young diplomats of the Chinese Embassy also walked into the college and communicated with local students.

At 10 o'clock in the morning, the Awards Ceremony officially began, and the national anthems of China and Mauritius were played. In their speeches, the founder and the Rector of the Modern College appreciated highly the presence of Mr. SUN Gongyi, said that this was the first time the Chinese Ambassador attended the Awards Ceremony of the school, which made the teachers and students so joyous. China ranks among the world's powers in many fields, such as science and technology, trade and education due to the fine quality of innovation, self-discipline, hard work, tenacity and dedication of the Chinese people, which coincide with the values which have been upheld for 50 years by the Modern College since its establishment. Dr. Shibchurn, alumnus of the Modern College who had studied at Zhejiang University in China, delivered a speech as a student representative. He vividly recalled his experience of studying in China, amazed at the rapid changes in China's economic and social development. He said that his learning experience in China had helped him a lot in his career.

In his address, Ambassador Sun Gongyi congratulated the Modern College on the achievements in the past 50 years. He said that although China and Mauritius have been separated by thousands of miles of sea, they have a long history of exchanges and profound friendship between the two peoples. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries in 1972, exchanges and cooperation in various fields have continuously advanced. Each year, China attracts many young Mauritians to study in China. After they return to their motherland, they become the pillars of all walks of life in Mauritius. Ambassador Sun Gongyi wished all the students a good academic progress and encouraged them to go to China to take a look and become new messengers for Sino-Mauritian friendship.

Later, Ambassador Sun Gongyi granted awards to the top students of the school this year, and on behalf of the Chinese Embassy, donated teaching supplies to the Modern College. After the awards ceremony, students and parents watched the video named "What is China Like" provided by the Chinese Embassy. China's beautiful natural scenery, diverse national culture and modern urban life have given them an initial impression of China and inspired everyone's enthusiasm for further understanding of China. Many of them have expressed their hope to go to China and experience modern China personally.

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