Presenting the Most Beautiful Songs to You
--Award Ceremony of the 2019 Singing Contest in mandarin

On September 29, 2019, in order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the Chinese Embassy in Mauritius and the China Cultural Center in collaboration with MBC, the Conservatoire de Musique François-Mitterrand, the Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Opera Mauritius, United Chinese Associations, China Culture Promotion Corporation, Jinfei Economic and Trade Cooperation District Corporation and the Confucius Institute at the University of Mauritius held the Award Ceremony of the Singing Contest in Mandarin with the theme of singing for Sino-Mauritian friendship as well as the National Day Concert in the auditorium of Jinfei Eden Garden Culture and Entertainment Square. Minister of Social Integration and Economic Empowerment in Mauritius, Mr. Allain Wong, Chinese Ambassador to Mauritius, Mr. Sun Gongyi, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Arts and Culture in Mauritius, Mrs. Ramrukheea Rajwantee, Director of the Conservatoire de Musique François-Mitterrand, Mrs Claudie Ricaud,  Chairman of Opera Mauritius, Mr. Paul Olsen, Cultural Counselor and Director of the China Cultural Center, Mr. Song Yanqun, and more than 300 music lovers from the cultural and music circles in Mauritius attended the event. MBC covered the entire concert, and the mainstream media such as "Le Mauricien" and Radio Plus reported the event.


Lasting for five months and singing for Sino-Mauritian friendship

From the first poster on May 1st to the last song of the awards concert, the Singing Contest in Mandarin with the theme of singing for Sino-Mauritian friendship lasted for five months, telling so many touching stories concerning Sino-Mauritian friendship with songs. With the active coordination and organization of the Chinese Embassy and Chinese Cultural Center and the substantial support of local media, music education institutions and Chinese associations, the singing contest attracted more than 150 players from all ethnic groups, all walks of life and all ages in Mauritius. Among them are students from the Conservatory of Music, professional Indian singers, students at school, and ordinary white-collar workers of different ages ranging from 6 to 75. Each participant has joined the singing contest with the longing for Chinese culture and the enthusiasm for Sino-Mauritian friendship. In the past five months, the magic of music has started a wave of learning Chinese and singing Chinese songs in Mauritius. The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Arts and Culture in Mauritius, Mrs. Ramrukheea Rajwante, lauded that "multicultural exchanges are amazing". Many Mauritian-Chinese said heartily, "I am so proud to see  the Maurtian people of different skin colors learning Chinese and singing Chinese songs."


Chinese and Mauritian artists cooperate to present gifts in honor of the 70th anniversary of China

The award ceremony and National Day Concert were jointly presented by four string artists from Tianjin Symphony Orchestra sent by Tianjin Culture and Tourism Bureau as well as the excellent players of the Singing Contest. The audience enjoyed the chamber music performances brought by professional musicians. The traditional Chinese classics such as "Purple Bamboo Melody" and "Butterfly Lovers" and famous Western music such as "Andante Cantabile" and "Blue Danube" made striking contrast, fascinating all the audience. Meanwhile many well-known Chinese songs such as "At the Place Where the Peach Blossoms bloom", "Singing for Red Wintersweet" and "I Love you, the snow of Saibei", are also performed by the players of different ethnic groups, winning the applause of the audience.

When the participants of the singing contest joined the chorus "We Are the World" with national flags of China and Mauritius waving in their hands, the audience could not help but wave their hands and sing along in unison the melody of love and peace. The concert reached a climax in the song "I Love You China". The tenor singer Shi Guangyu from Tianjin Song and Dance Theatre sang sincerely from the bottom of his heart: "I wish to present the most beautiful songs to you, my mother and my homeland." The beautiful and emotional melody appealed to everyone present, especially the overseas Chinese with tears in their eyes,  bringing to an end this music feast in celebration of the birthday of our motherland.

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