Symposium on the sino-mauritian relationship

On 19th April, a symposium marking the 45th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between China and Mauritius was held at the Cybercity Tower in Ebene, Mauritius. The Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth, Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Luchmeenaraidoo, Deputy Director of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Chinese People 's Political Consultative Conference Mr Han Fangming, and the ambassador of China Mr Li Li were present at the opening ceremony.

Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth delivered his speech, saying that since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Mauritius on the 15th April 1972, principles of equality and friendliness have been continuously maintained, friendly relations between the two countries have been strengthening as China has become one of the closest development partners with Mauritius. Mauritius is willing to implement the resolutions made for China-Africa Cooperation Forum at the Johannesburg Summit, to promote the signing of a Free Trade Agreement, and to further promote partnership in the fields of tourism, finance, basic infrastructure etc. Mr Pravind points out that Mauritius highly approves of the innovative China program presented for which will promote global multipolarization, consolidate the global free trade, promote the opening up of the world economy as part of the One Belt One Road Initiative.

Ambassador Li Li says that the friendly relations development between the two countries was successful, concluding many agreement results in various fields. On the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations, China and Mauritius should take the opportunity to promote the docking of Mauritius's 2030 target plan with the One Belt One Road Initiative, so as to fully give play to the advantageous location of Mauritius in the Asian-African hub, deepen win-win agreements in finance, airline and tourism.

The forum focused mainly on China and Mauritius working together in the One Belt One Road Initiative, and deepening the relations between China and Mauritius, strengthening investments towards Africa and further communication in science and technology development motions. Elite Chinese and Mauritian people from various fields including the former Vice President of Mauritius Bundhun, former Vice Prime Minister Sithanen, former Minister of Foreign Affairs De l'Estrac, Special Representative of the Chinese Government for Africa Ambassador Xu Jinghu, former Ambassadors of China in Mauritius Wang Fuyuan and Gao Yuchen, Director of African Research Office of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences He Wenping, Professor of Renmin University of China Wang Yimi, were present for an in-depth interaction to share their perspective and opinion. A total of more than 200 people from the Government of Mauritius, enterprises, academic institutions and diplomatic missions attended the meeting. More than 20 media including China Central Television, Xinhua News Agency, Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation, and l'Express reported on the event.

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