Ambassador Sun Gongyi attends the press conference of "2018 Chinese Culture Week and 13th Dragon Boat Festival Series Celebrations"

On June 4, 2018, the Chinese Cultural Center of Mauritius and the Ministry of Arts and Culture and the Maolong Lions Federation jointly organized a press conference on the "Chinese Culture Week and the 13th Dragon Boat Festival Celebration" in Port Louis. Minister of Public infrastructure and Land Transport Bodha, Minister of the Arts and Culture Roopun, Ambassador Sun Gongyi, Chairman of Mauritius China Cultural Center Counselor Song Yanqun, chairman of Mauritius Longshi Association attended the event. 
Bodha said that the Dragon Boat Festival bears China's long history and cultural connotation and has become an annual cultural event in which Mauritius's ethnic groups participate extensively and celebrate together. This year coincides with the 50th anniversary of Mauritius's independence. The significance of this Dragon Boat Festival is extraordinary.

Ambassador Sun Gongyi stated that as one of the most important traditional festivals in China, the Dragon Boat Festival shows the upright ethnic integrity of the Chinese nation and the feelings of home and country that are worried about the country and the people. It embodies the national spirit of uniting and cooperation and fighting for courage. It is Chinese traditional cultural treasures. The art troupes from China and Mauritius will bring cultural and creative exhibitions, theatrical performances, intangibles, food demonstrations, and dragon boat races. Mauritius and the public will feel the impact of modern cultural creation and traditional intangibles. It is believed that this event will surely be a hairy event. The 50th Anniversary of Independence left a deep impression. 
The event officially kicked off on June 8th, including the Silk Road Memory Cultural and Intangible Food Exhibition, the Chongqing Three Gorges Art Troupe Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival Square Celebration, and the Sea Dragon Boat Race.

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