Ambassador Sun Gongyi attended the Indian Ocean Conference on Marine Spatial Planning

On 22 November 2017, Indian Ocean Conference on Marine Spatial Planning was held at the Westin Mauritius Hotel. Mauritius Prime Minister Jugnauth, Deputy Prime Minister Daureeawoo, representative of the rotating Indian Ocean Union Chair (DAFM). More than 80 guests attended the opening ceremony, including Ambassador Sun Gongyi, and representatives of member countries of the IORA.

During the meeting, a signing ceremony was held in which the Chinese government donated money to the IORA. Ambassadors Sun Gongyi and Bhagirat signed the handover certificates on behalf of the Chinese government and the IORA respectively.

The conference was held in the framework of cooperation between the IORA and the Mauritius government to host an important regional academic exchange meeting for a period of two days. All the participants discussed issues such as marine space planning and environmental protection.

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